Monday, November 12, 2012

To the Dogs

Though I am a cat person (mainly because I am a compulsive clean freak, and dogs are just too hard to mesh with this complex) I am fairly obsessed with dog-inspired fashions. Again, for the second time in recent weeks, I bought a full price item from J.Crew (because I couldn't bear waiting for it on back order).

I love this intarsia sweater and have convinced myself there are many lawyer appropriate outfits I can weave it into.  This lamp doesn't really go with my new decor scheme, but it made me laugh and I feel like I know at least 2 people that would die to get this as a holiday gift.

And if you like the pops of pup but can't commit to an entire sweater or lamp, this pendant from Madewell is just a dash of doggy.

Sorry Coco, but cat sweaters are just weird.

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  1. Ilove the Jcrew sweater. I would totally wear that to work. Although, we don't get many client visits so the office dress code is uber casual. Lucky me.


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