Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rash Decisions

The evening started with an honest attempt at research. Before commencing my new lawyer job on December 3rd I need to get caught up on all things legal (my last 3ish years of employment have involved more gala planning and floral arrangements than juris prudence). A few minutes on Google and sweet baby insists climbing into my lap, where he will bang mercilessly on Mac keyboard. I sigh, but acquiesce with his demands to avoid a post 6 pm meltdown, which would no doubt be epic this close to bed time. Little chubby hand reaches out and, what? Red hives from fingers down to elbows. Freaking out ensues.

Luckily the pediatrician returns our page before we have left for the emergency room, and the situation is calmed. "Roseola" replaces "2013 ERISA compliance" in the Google search field, and the next few hours of intended career prep are forgone in favor of baby center and other such sources of stories (apparently these scary red blotches are not a big deal, fairly common, and not super contagious. Go figure). Add this to the long list of things I'm glad no one told me before having a baby.

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  1. Did you plan events before law school? cause so did I! And hope baby is better. And don;t worry about prep for new job trial by fire works best.


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