Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shopping for Sport

I often think of Carrie from Sex and the City, explaining to her friends in an effort to win an argument against buying from one's computer Online, that shopping was her 'cardio'. Working in Office Space land creates a bit of a cultural abyss that, come Thursdays, I need some rescue from before I peril in a sea of suede jackets and bad shoes.

As if weekly trips to the mall aren't enough of a suburban cliche, I find myself walking briskly from J.Crew to Bloomingdale's in an effort to burn a few calories in the process. (I keep my heels on all day long mind you, there are no 'walking sneakers' stashed under my desk or in a closet behind the cleaning supplies- I have seen this done and have vowed that bent, bruised toes would be better). Add to the pace, pile on a few shopping bags, my already hefty work tote, and a full aerobic activity ensues. There are worse ways to spend one's lunch hour, no?

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