Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Day in the Life

Driving on the LIE to get to work is still an adjustment, and makes me long for the days I would sleep til 8 and then walk across town to my Ann Taylor Office in Times Square. Most days its fine, this particular day it took twice as long, made worse by the fact that my homemade coffee stained my leather gloves when I insisted on merging ahead of an 18 wheeler truck (whose driver was far too aggressive for someone performing this job).

Arriving at work late, sullied, and without my morning caffeine set the tone for the day. A lunch time walk through the mall lifted my spirits slightly, as did a Bloomingdale's frozen yogurt (which is the original 'plain' frozen yogurt before Pinkberry and all the impostors followed suit). But a stumble in my new Ann booties causing a scuff in the buttery smooth leather, and a bruise on my already sore knee sealed the fate for the day. I navigated many stroller moms and trophy wives in their oversized luxury SUVs as I fled the scene, desperate for the day to be over. Life in the suburbs can be treacherous.

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  1. I would have cried with the bruised knee. I hope you have a better evening!


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