Thursday, December 6, 2012

On Target

Since my life has become textbook suburban-housewife-working-mom, I thought I'd make the stereotype complete with a trip to Target at my lunch break (since there is no 'lunch' this week anyway, and instead Slimfast shakes are stocked in the office fridge).

A few remnants of the Neiman Marcus collection for Target remained, and while there was nice style to be seen, if I'm going to pay $129 for a blazer, I'm going to stick to the sale rack at J.Crew. But disappointment was abated when I stumbled into the beauty isle, and spent 20 minutes examining the abundant selection of everything from seriously stunning sunglasses and nail polish, to adorable headbands and pretty well crafted statement necklaces.

I suffered online behind a heavy set middle aged woman, angered that her coupon wasn't scanning and even more irate that they no longer had orange Tic Tacs, but despite some small set back, had a pretty pleasant experience (and it did wonders to erase the flashbacks the chain used to cause to my roaming the isles, sleep deprived and on the verge of postpartum insanity, in search of bottles and burp cloths in the wee hours of night, when Tucker either refused the 50 varieties we already owned or had soiled every burp cloth I could find).


  1. This cracks me up. When I clerked two summers ago I went to Target on my way home just to relax and unwind for the day before heading home to a borage of questions...

  2. This is awesome. And you know, I felt the same way about the target/Neiman Marcus prices. Way too much for target. I hope you are getting comfortable with the working mom role. Take note of what does and doesn't work well, please!


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