Friday, February 24, 2012

Over Eating

When I go out to dinner and my husband suggests sharing an appetizer, I always scoff at him and insist that we each order our own. The same thing happens when the dessert menu arrives. Inevitably, we return from dinner, and I sit on the couch, miserable, complaining, and wishing never to see food again (until of course the next morning arrives and all memories of the distended midsection vanish). This is very much the scenario I find myself in this season when it comes to shopping.

I love my cobalt blue pants from December. But recently, you can't turn a corner without seeing similar fitted pants in all colors of the rainbow, or an Easter egg hunt. After the blue pair in December, I was infatuated. I then went on to buy a pair in red. And lavender. And then why not yellow for spring? And grass green. I was putting away laundry the other night after 12 hours of work when I saw all the colorful pants folded neatly in their section of the closet. It looked more like a stack of candy than office-appropriate attire, and I realized I had gone too far. I looked for receipts, but of course in perpetual my eagerness to clean up they had all been throw away. So I am saddled with 6 pairs of pants that go with very little, and can only be worn once a month without looking ridiculous in a conservative environment. Unless I get a new job working at Dylan's Candy Bar I am out of luck.

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