Monday, February 13, 2012

Dress Code

A new job means more than a new commute in the morning and the necessity of learning how to bill hours for the first time (as the DA's office is not in it for the dollars after all). It opens a new closet door, and the daunting task of getting dressed for the first day of work! This is my hubby, and not myself, who finds himself in the above situation. But the excitement of going from a rather formal environment, to one where a suit only hangs on the back of the office door for client meetings is still exciting.

This weekend, before a celebratory dinner at Bryant and Copper (another artifact of living in the suburbs, as before, such occasions were fancied with meals at Smith and Wollensky across the street from my first apartment), we hit the stores. New dark jeans (only to be worn on Fridays, regardless of how more frequently the partners chose to do so), Brooks Brothers sweaters an an outrageous 60% off, Ralph Lauren polos similarly reduced, and of course a few new spring tops for baby and mom. (The most expense part of the evening was the nanny, another one of those pesky adulthood triats).

I envy the hubby's new found ability to wear denim to work (this is still the only job I haven't been able to don denim at, and everyday it gets in my way. What looks better than a navy blazer, silk J.Crew top, midnight rinse Sevens and brown Stuart Weitzman boots? Nothing.)

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