Monday, May 10, 2010

Karmic Style

Watching many hours of reality TV shows can sometimes rub off on us in unexpected ways. No matter what the Housewives (of New York, New Jersey, or any city in between) spend their ample time and funds on, it's never a good idea to emulate. It's like the thin, murky line between knock off and inspiration- take one step too far and you've become a clique.

Over the weekend, I got an email from a fan that turned a stressful day of packing into a sublime day of productivity. Not wanting to copy my fan's gesture with a similarly flattering email to a blog author I adore, I instead thought of another method of doing a good deed that might propel the spirit forward. With an impending move less than 2 weeks away, we decided to donate all of our furniture and made endless calls to arrange the feat. (You would be surprised how many thrift shops and organizations are not that happy to receive an apartment full of gently used furnishings. After 6 phone calls and declined offers, I was loosing my charitable spirit.) I then ransacked my closet for all wearable items that were 'interview appropriate' and handed them over to the Dress for Success effort at my office. (Buying a case of dog food and granola bars for the homeless man and his pet I pass on the way to work everyday doesn't count since that was pre-blog fan email, and therefore not in the new momentum of this idea. But that made me happy, which in turn reminded me of the episode of Friends where Phoebe proves all good deeds are inherently selfish. Which is true, no?)

Contrary to what I may think, telling someone that their pants are a size too small or that their white t-shirt with yellow armpit stains isn't really a good choice to impress the new boss doesn't count as a 'good deed', no matter how noble your intentions. I'm not sure I can ever turn off the voice that screams when I see leggings in the office, or stop the eyes that roll when I pass a faux Louis Vuitton bag with its telltale orange glued seams. But in an effort not to turn into the catty women I am fascinated by watching on Bravo, I shall try. (Luckily there won't be any cameras following me anytime soon to capture my progress, or lack thereof.)

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