Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dressing Down=Downhill

A prime example of practicing what you preach occurred this week. After serving as maid of honor (technically 'matron, of honor' but that just sounds old) all weekend for my wonderful friend out east, I arrived home Sunday night thoroughly exhausted from 3 days of fun. When Monday morning rolled around (which, in retail, require being at my desk by 7:30 am) I had little energy for getting dressed. A peak outside revealed a day as gray as my mood, and as dark as my apartment with a still fast sleep husband. I settled on a casual oxford, slouchy boyfriend jeans and boat shoes, an ensemble that did not make me feel happy or put together for a Monday in the least. The muggy humidity from Sunday's heat wave hung in the air like dirty laundry and hit me in the face as I exited my apartment.

From there the day went downhill quickly. The train was 10 minutes late, and then ran at a physically painful speed which I could have out ran on foot, in stilettos. The main door to my office building was locked with a metal gate (a sure sign that it's too early to be there, no?) and I had to buzz the warehouse stock men to let me in through the truck entrance. My co-worker called in sick, and I had the pleasure of running twice the number of Monday reports. After compiling said reports frantically for the 10 am morning meeting, said meeting was canceled. When lunch time rolled around and I had already put in a 7 hour day, I discovered the Luna Bar I had banked on eating had been snatched by a coworker on Friday while I was out east for my friend's rehearsal. 6:00 mercifully arrived, at which time I bolted from the building and headed for the train. The day's reckoning was not yet complete as a gigantic body of water disguised as a shallow puddle swallowed the lower half of my leg on the corner adjacent from the train.

Today, though my alarm failed to go off and I thus slept through my morning workout, I was determined to stop another bad day in its tracks. I took the time to choose a skirt, sandals, silk tank and belt that put the spring back in my step (enough to avoid the lingering puddles). The ensemble elevated my mood and prevented an encore to Monday. Behold the power of the outfit.

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