Friday, April 2, 2010

You've Got Male

Now that the March lion has officially receded and pedicured toes can grace the tepid air, the much anticipated closet flip can get underway. But what's to come of the tweed-tailored menswear that bulked up fall wardrobes? Happily for those of us who love to pay homage to Yves Saint Laurent, spring carries the androgynous torch forward.

Though not typically a huge fan of the color pink (but in love with the 80's flick Pretty in Pink, and always thrilled to pieces when I catch it on ABC Family), my eyes fell immediately on these oxfords updated for spring in the fresh bubble gum hue. If you cant quite take the step into the uber preppy oxfords, these mens-inspired spectator pumps get the point across while retaining their femininity. Double breasted blazers in lighter weights and summer-appropriate linen are everywhere. And Vests are not just for stuffy trial lawyers who want to conceal their bellies while leaning over their podium in the courtoom. They can add definition to a bohemian dress or a crispy, classic white oxford.

There's also nothing subtle about spring's accessories. Large, heavy, men's watches fit nicely into the mix (I already asked my Husband to borrow his cobalt-faced Rolex, but he just looks confused and reminds me its a 'man's watch'). This Michael Kors piece is a great price point for such a statement watch if your male companion also won't hand over his timepiece.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, and try a little pink with your menswear (even if its just a Cadbury Egg).

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