Monday, April 19, 2010

Green Thumb

The last time I can remember wearing a Laura Ashley dress was in the 7th grade. My mom took me to the Americana (aka the miracle mile) in Manhasset where she spent an inordinate amount of money on a pastel, floral frock that I had to have. The last decade shunned such patterns, which were more akin to bedding than couture. But like all things fashion, the tides have turned and washed up remnants of the early 90's by way of botanical, garden-like dresses for spring (Groundbreaking, I know. But pretty nonetheless.)

The Annual Macy's Flower Show (which is the only bright part of my walk to the west side of Manhattan every morning to catch the train) seems even more apropos than usual this year. Marc Jacobs has put his vintage charm on the trend with this sweet yet salty dress, just modern enough for those who balk at my former mention of Laura Ashley. (If you balk at Laura, I imagine you'd gag over Lilly Pulitzer. I will skip over the uber-preppy designer and request my friends who pack their weekend Lily in their Vera Bradley keep a safe distance.)

A cousin to floral numbers, calico is also gracing retail racks everywhere. Not just for Raggedy Ann, calico is a sweet nod to the country (think of when Carrie helped Aidan with his 'country cabin' in Suffern, New York. She baked a pie wearing a plaid shirt and silver Manolos, and then topped the weekend off with some overalls and green Hunters). If you can't quite pull off flannel and stilettos, no one does middle market vintage better than Anthropologie. (This patchwork smock is just another example of their market corner.)

Speaking of apple pie, a 13 hour work day certainly puts me in the mood for dessert.


  1. One of these days we may get a country cabin, you never know. Although I'm not sure if there is anything in your closet that you wouldn't mind getting dirty...

  2. I can see the country cabin as the perfect excuse to purchase a pair of Manolos!


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