Friday, July 5, 2013

Neighborly Envy

Ive often heard people lament the fact that Pintrest serves as a daily reminder of all the things we want but don’t actually have. That ones ‘Pintrest life’ is far better than one’s real life. So is the feeling when living across the street from neighbors, at least 15+ years your senior, whose social calendar and hostessing schedule make you energetic, then envious, and finally depressed. Last week alone they had guests 5 nights out of 7, requiring red Solo cups by the case. On Saturdays around 7:30, when Tucker is just falling asleep and I am blissfully pouring a glass of wine, the tell tale sign of a rocking Saturday night looms across the street as the omnipresent babysitter mobile pulls up and parks in front of our window. A taunting reminder they will be out at a fabulous event, child-free, until the wee hours of the morning.

The warm summer nights make this envy even more acute, as festivities are taken outdoors, and the pressure to have fun filled evenings and weekends bursting with action is at its peak. Suddenly wine on the back patio or an episode of Housewives loses its luster and I feel like I’m missing out, not fulfilling the summer mandate for fun in the sun. When a holiday weekend approaches, I must quickly scroll through all unread texts messages and ensure plans for the tot are made and confirmed. I have heard that security and inner calm come with age, but I am still waiting. By 'age' perhaps they mean 40 and not 30. Until then I'll learn to enjoy the view from across the street.

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  1. I feel your pain! But then again, I end up wanting to hang with my son most times so the missing out feeling is then replaced with the thought that pretty soon he will be grown up and won't want to hang with me anyway. Just remind yourself of that next time- it may just help!

    That or, do what I do often - and go out separately with your friends to get the feeling of having more of a social calendar!



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