Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When to Say When

The art of knowing when enough is enough is just that - an art. In daily life I often pause, consider if this is the moment to change course and move on, or to fight through and persevere.

Sleep Training. Last night the baby didn't want to go to sleep at his usual 6:30 bedtime, back rubbing and lavender lotion  for 'calm and rest' were fruitless. Come 7:00 we resigned to crying (baby and me). 7:10, still crying. 7:15 crying with 20 second pauses. 7:20 less crying, longer pauses. Give up and go back in? Or hold firm and wait for him to fall asleep? The latter (with a glass of wine filled to the top).

Dressing for first day with new boss (in hot office with air conditioner of limited effectiveness). Simple wrap dress. And accessories, always lots of accessories. When it comes to stacking bangles or draping  multiple single strand Tiffany Elsa Peretti chains, its never time to say 'When'.

Impulse shopping for a new shirt for drinks with the girls tonight. One cute top at Forever21 for $19.00, a bargain. Another similar shirt in a different color for the same price. And then a cute fedora you might wear to the pool. And a scarf. Stop. Put down all items but one. No longer in discount territory, and might as well have bought one silk tank from J.Crew for the same price.

Friendship. A roommate from college, once best friends, now estranged. An email, then 2, then 3, with no response. Ask to meet for a drink, ask for a reply. Give up? Maybe after the second, but sometimes I can't take my own advice.

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