Sunday, March 11, 2012

City 'Sites'

Ah, the City. Last night, we took a rare trip in for a friend's surprise 30th birthday. And since like all young, child-free people's events, it started at 9:30, we had some time to kill before the festivities. Strolling around the old neighborhood, I'm always reminded of how much I once loved to people watch. Most passersby have effortless New York chic down pat- scarf wrapped just so, coordinating coat, perfectly un-coiffed bedhead, practical yet fabulous shoes. Walking down Park on our way to Flat Iron shopping (J.Crew, Anthropologie, Ann, Madewell, a new Sperry mega-store), we passed a well-clad woman with a particularly eye catching Prada tote (new from Spring '12). Like many city sights, her elegant facade was quickly pierced as she yelled at the passing homeless man to 'watch out for her Prada' (apparently he had bumped her with his bag of recyclables).

A calorie-rich meal at Dos Caminos Park, 2 cocktails at Flute Gramercy, daylight savings, and the usual Sunday morning swim class make for an exhausting Sunday morning (I struggle to remember how I used to down Champagne cocktails and pop out of bed for a 5 mile run the next day). Since I am a self proclaimed masochist of sorts, I've also decided that today is the day to put an offer on a cute 4 bedroom house we've been eyeing. In like a lion, out like lamb, right?

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