Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buying Big

Though with a baby, there is no longer any such thing as a typical day, yesterday still tops the record charts. The culmination of a busy workday was me standing in the kitchen, crying, tired baby on hip, cell phone on ear, negotiating the purchase price of a home that, like my wedding dress, I knew was meant for me. The start of the day was a glimpse that it might end the way it did- baby slept an extra half hour, hit all green lights driving to work, first one in the office (and barista at Starbucks complimenting me on my outfit - navy gold button blazer, green and navy striped top, brown flats, medium rinse jeans, Marc Jacobs bag and necklace - and noting that everyday, she loves what I come in wearing).

After work, there was the final meeting with the sellers agent. And then a play date for Tucker with my mommy friend from growing up and her 7 month old. Then came a load of laundry, a homemade dinner, a bath for baby, and playing hardball to ultimately reach an accepted offer on a new house (I'll admit I had a cleaning service this week to take one thing off my super-mom workload). Had I know we'd be buying a house this week I may have put off the shopping spree in the Flat Iron district this weekend. O well, hindsight is 20/20. All this on the hubby's 2nd day at the new job. Its amazing what can be accomplished in a 24 hour period, with the right outfit.

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