Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeans Scene

My love for denim is no secret. In this month's Harper's I was thrilled to see a glimpse of Ralph Lauren's new line of sturdy American staples (and enjoyed reading about his son's impending nuptials to the fashionable Lauren Bush, begging the question of surnames- to alliterate, or keep one's own famous maiden name?)

Granted the only denim I've donned since mid fall has had an elastic waist band and faux-fly, but it feels like only yesterday I was sliding my favorite straight cuts over my hips. Before I indulge my delights and purchase a new pair for fall 2011, I'm going to try my best to wait until a few weeks after baby, just in case i need to add a number to my former size (doctor assures me that wont be the case but I'll believe it when I'm zipping up my old jeans).

Though Ralph's collection is called 'high end', suggesting price tags with more digits than my last Visa bill, a pair of hand-washed novelties may be in the cards this summer (available at Ralph Lauren boutiques and online only). Counting the days (18 if we are to believe we will be one of the 5% of lucky couples who actual deliver on our due date....)

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