Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Going Green

Yes, I am impulsive. I can't wait to get home to rip tags off of new purchases, I begin eating take out 2 miles before we get it home, and I rush to the grocery store to buy kale the minute I decide to juice cleanse. In an effort to temper my temptations, I have tried adding one new thing a day, and then sticking with those that turn from lust to love. Exhibit one: the green juice.

Everyday for the past 2 weeks I have started the day with a new take on a green breakfast shake. As long as it contains some fruit, even the most anti-vegetarian would never know there is also a days worth of green veggies (take for example, my 22 month old son, who always has several sips and definitely doesn't yet care about his own nutrition). This particular concoction has the following ingredients:

1 handful organic spinach
1 container fat free, plain Greek yogurt
1 handful organic strawberries
6 baby carrots
2 tablespoons lemon juice

I highly recommend this for those curious about a juice cleanse but far too hungry and in love with wine to take the plunge (like me!)


  1. Hi, drooping in from Love Zahra! Nice to meet you:-)
    BTW, green juicing was my new years resolution that has (sadly) not been fulfilled yet! I guess I am too lazy to clean up the blender in the morning..LOL! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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