Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vacays and Staycays

Memorial Day weekends are often spent in close proximity to a BBQ, the beach, the pool, and shorts. Living on Long Island, with parents who spent 50% of their year on a boat, all of these are often achieved by going no where at all. For the first time ever on a such a holiday, the hubs and I ventured cross country for a college friend's wedding in Santa Rosa, California. It was m
y first real visit to the state (save for a 36 hour lay over en route to Australia back in college) and while there was a fairly constant stream of steady drinking, it felt more 'grown up' than any other such trip where alcohol was served before noon.

Lagunitas Brewery

Ridge Vineyard 100% American Oak Barrels

Ridge Vineyards

Golden Gate Bridge

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